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Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
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Ramadan – the month of fasting, is a special and blessed month for Muslims. It was in this month that revelations of the Quran began to be made to the Prophet Muhammad , marking the commencement of Prophethood.

Ramadan is a month of restraint and worship; of caring and thanksgiving; of repentance and piety. The multitude of benefits of Ramadan inspired the Prophet to exclaim: “Welcome to the one who purifies!”

Ramadan is a month of spiritual activism when believers endeavour to awaken their spirituality. It is a scheme to improve human beings.

The main aim of fasting is to weaken a man’s dependence on material things and strengthen his spiritual resolve, so that he may enter the higher realms of piety.

The Prophet Muhammad  divided the month of Ramadan into three parts. He called the first ten days,  “Blessings”, the next ten days, “Forgiveness” and the last ten days, “Freedom from hell-fire”. The Prophet also said, “The best days of this world are the last ten days (of Ramadan).”

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